Kyudo at Plan-les-Ouates / Geneva

Kyudo Kai entrance

Kyudo Kai, the tori from the chaniwa

Lantern, Ishi Doro

Yatori ...

a frequent visitor

Shishi Odoshi

Kyudo Kai history :

The Kyudo Kai history started at the beginning of the eighties, under the direction of Charles Stampfli, 5th dan, and is linked to the early practise in Europe.
We can say there are three phases in this history:
- pre-history, before 1982, early age
- middle age, from 1982 to 1995, temporary dojo.
- modern time, from 1995 to 2002, construction of the present dojo.
From 2002, Kyudo Kai members are training in one of the nicer Swiss dojo, maybe one of the nicer European dojo. They are ensuring the maintenance of this beautiful place for their art. Thanks to the people who built this place aimed at searching the Way.
Note: the linked document are not translated yet, in French only, but lots of photos.

Dojo practise :

The Kyudo practise at the Kyudo Kai is done through free-shooting trainings as well as through formal group shooting (sharei) under the leadership of Charles-Antoine Masset, renshi 5th dan, instructor. Excluding some specific trainings or demonstrations, group shooting consists in standard exam shooting by group of up to five shooters.

The Kyudo Kai also offers to members of other kyudo club around the possibility to become "dojo users" without being member of the Kyudo Kai, in order to be able to access our dojo infrastructure for training. A user statute has been created (in french only). More details by contacting the Kyudo Kai president.

Teaching, practise time :

Learning of the Kyudo basis is done under the direction of our instructor, assisted by high ranked members of the club. For 2017, please follow this link to access our training plan.

Confirmed shooters can access the dojo at any time (24h over 24, all days of the year).

We think that Kyudo practise is too difficult for children. Concentration, self-control, are not after school practise. It means teaching in our dojo is mainly targeted toward adults.

Type of shooting

Usual shooting is on a paper target (mato) placed at 28 meters from the shooter. Sometimes, we also practise long distance (60m, enteki) shooting, and we can also practise short distance shooting (3m) on a straw target (makiwara)

Kyudo Kai in competition

2006 : Swiss National Championship - 1st and 2nd places, team competition.
2007 : Swiss National Championship - 3rd place, individual competition.
2008 : European Championship - 8th place, individual competition.
2008 : Swiss National Championship - 3rd place, individual competition.
2009 : Swiss National Championship - 4th place, individual and team competitions.
2010 : Swiss National Championship - 2nd place, team competition.
2011 : Swiss National Championship - 3rd place, individual competition.
2013 : European Championship - 5th place, individual competition.
2013 : Swiss National Championship - 2nd place, individual competition.
2014 : World Cup IKYF - 3rd place, individual competition.
2014 : Nation's World Cup IKYF - 4th place, team competition.
2015 : European Championship - 2nd place, team competition.
2015 : Swiss National Championship - 2nd place, individual competition.
2016 : Swiss National Championship - 3rd place, team competition.

More information ?

The best is to go to the Dojo, stade des Cherpines à Plan-les-Ouates on saturday morning or afternoon, or go to your favorite bookstore and find one of the rare book on the subject, or surf on the web and find ... our web site. But the only way to [try to] understand Kyudo is to practise for your life.

If you want to come to the dojo using Geneva public transports, take the tram 12 until the end, "les Palettes", then take bus number 23 or 42, direction ZiPLO and step out at "Pont du centenaire". Then you can walk to the dojo for a few minutes, following the map.

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Administration, contacts

    President: Pierre Guillot
    Treasurer: Christophe Menu
    Secretary: Anne-Laure Oberson

    Principal teacher: Charles-Antoine Masset

    Webmaster: Pierre Guillot