Access map for the dojo

It is first important to find Plan-les-Ouates in the Geneva region. By car, it is relatively simple from the French-Swiss border of Bardonnex on the highway. It is the first exit after entering to Switzerland.

From the exit, you go toward the Plan-les-Ouates industrial area and drive to the "route de base" where you should be able to see the Schilliger garden center. Take the "chemin des Charrotons" (slowly) and after the first crossing with "chemin des Cherpines" you reach the entrance of the Plan-les-Ouates sport center.

There is a place to park the cars near the entrance. Just enter close to the football fields and go to the dojo entrance just near the house. You should see a japanese style entrance, and eventually ear the tsurune (noise of the bow strings). Enter into the dojo garden, then come to the dojo itself, but do not walk along the dojo side to the front as it may be dangerous.